Below you can get an impression of the projects that have taken place the past years and the projects Edze Agra has contributed to.


For a large cattle feed company Edze Agra has assisted in setting up a simple sales network in Romania. From making a plan, to educating new advisors, and support of the first sale. References are available on request.


In Hungary, we did a project that dealt with motivating and stimulating employees on dairy farms. Finding the right ways to bring out the best in people was the bottom line of the project.


In Greece, a project was commenced wherein coaching individual dairy farms was the focus. Improving the management in the companies thereby increasing the production which was initialized from the milk processors. We have contributed to this project.


Edze Agra has its own farm in Sweden and grows forage crops in particular.


Edze Agra is active in Serbia in the field of individual guidance and support of dairy farms.