Business support

Edze Agra knows all the ins and outs in the agricultural sector. Are you looking for someone to have a look at your business, to directly increase the efficiency and results? Look no further. Based on a clear and well-founded action plan tailored to your situation, we can assist you to increase your returns. We do not walk away from difficult situations; our goal is to reevaluate the situation.

As a (Agricultural)entrepreneur you can be overwhelmed; you are advised by different consultants whom all have a certain specialty or even a certain product they want to sell you. Allow Edze Agra to take a look with you. Two heads are better than one. Together it is easier to optimize your business and challenge your suppliers to deliver the best performance. What are you waiting for?


Would you like to take a critical look at the organization of your (roughage)harvest, or optimize the business process? Contact us. We have different levels of experience with these matters, we think alongside you with a farmers’ approach regarding the situation.


Edze Agra can provide the extra push within your business to make sure that the main elements are separated from the secondary issues. To so achieve better results. Many (agricultural)entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with secondary issues which lead to neglected main elements. Alongside Edze Agra, you will create an overview, which in turn leads to better results.