Would you like to purchase real estate or materials? Edze Agra has years of experience and will guide you in the right direction.


Giving personal advice is not the only activity Edze Agra B.V. has to offer. Recently we have expanded and now have a branch Sweden.

Business SUPPORT

Are you looking for a helping hand for your business? Edze Agra can help you in a variety of situations.

Emigration guidance

Looking for a dream location abroad? Edze Agra can assist in planning your migration.


Create added value to your business through farmers’ knowledge and a winning mind-set.


With our energy, we want to help you run your business efficiently. We want to motivate and help you to achieve your desired targets.


To think and talk about it is one thing, but to perform and verify, that is where we hold our values. Not just in the terms of results for your business, but also in the agreements made.


Through our unorthodox way of doing business, we help to improve your business in a new way. New roads, this is what we stand for.

What our clients have to say about us.

‘For the search for my own dairy farm for Dutch television, I went to Germany with Edze to get acquainted with emigration as a farmer! His tips and advice have given me great insights!’

Since May of 2016 we are milking a small 400 dairy cows in Sweden with the possibility to expand up to 600 dairy cows. Edze supervised intensively, from setting up a business plan to arranging financing from the bank.