Inspire, INNOVATE and Implementing

Create added value to your business through farmers’ knowledge and a winning mind-set.

Who are we

The founder of Edze Agra BV is Edze Westra. This young, enthusiastic entrepreneur manages alongside Edze Agra BV,  EdzeTrading BV and Keydollar BV . This Frisian farmer’s son is an active entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. While studying Animal Sciences and Marketing and Consumer Behavior at Wageningen University and research center in Wageningen, Edze Westra started his business EdzeTrading, shortly after joined by his second business Keydollar and later Edze Agra BV. Meanwhile several projects have been successfully completed in Europe.

What do we do

Edze Agra is a young consultancy firm which focuses on doing business with a vision in the modern future. Are you an entrepreneur that looks beyond what meets the eye? Than Edze Agra could be the right partner for your business. Edza Agra focuses on entrepreneurs who need guidance and support during the development process of their business. With our experience and background in animal husbandry, together with our business and negotiation tactics, we can advise and assist. But be prepared, our people tackle and hold on. We do not avoid obstacles and do not advise to continuously provide support. We advise so you can stand on your own two feet as soon as possible. We inspire, innovate and implement, and of course we do not forget to reflect with you.



In Hungary, we did a project that dealt with motivating and stimulating employees on dairy farms. Finding the right ways to bring out the best in people was the bottom line of the project.


For a large cattle feed company Edze Agra has assisted in setting up a simple sales network in Romania. From making a plan, to educating new advisors, and support of the first sale. References are available on request.


In Greece, a project was commenced wherein coaching individual dairy farms was the focus. Improving the management in the companies thereby increasing the production which was initialized from the milk processors. We have contributed to this project.